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A stunning necklace created from a fused-glass pendant which has been hand-cut & fused on St Helena Island.

This unique glass pendant is made from dichroic fused glass which changes colour according to the angle been looked at - it is also very hard to photograph & be able to capture it's true beauty.  The colours are meant to be an emerald teal centre, surrounded by a bronze-orange. A very unique and different piece.


It hangs on a leather necklace and comes in a presentation gift box.  The perfect gift for anyone with an interest in, or connection to St Helena.



  • dichroic fused glass pendant on a sterling silver bail
  • leather cord necklace with sterling silver fastenings approx 18 


Pendant measures: approx 50mm x 30mm 


G-Unique Designs -  Designed & crafted on St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean.

St Helena fused-glass pendant necklace

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