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St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

St Helena Island is a tiny British Overseas territory situated in the South Atlantic Ocean.  Like the people living here (affectionately called 'Saints') & the products we create; the island is both unique & diverse.  In a nutshell, St Helena was discovered by the Portuguese; settled by the British; the place of Exile for Napoleon Bonaparte & even the Boer prisoners of War; the 'Middle passage' in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Sir Edmund Halley's platform for mapping out the stars in the South Hemisphere...I could go on but even that small snapshot of our history shows what makes St Helena so unique & diverse.

We are a sub-tropical island with an enviable marine life to match our colourful history.  What we lack in white sandy beaches; we make up for in marine diversity where you get to swim with whale sharks, visit the dolphins playing in their natural habitat, dive with the devil rays or go sport fishing for our Atlantic tuna.  See more of St Helena here.


Interested in finding out more?  Check out the St Helena Island Tourism website HERE

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