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My Colourful New Year in St Helena Island

We are well into the new year here on St Helena with the Christmas decorations being taken down, our visiting 'Saints' returning back to their lives off island, whether it be back to the UK, on Ascension Island, the Falkland Islands or even Australia.

But there's much to look forward to with St Helena's first International Conference happening over 2 weeks at the end of Jan/ early Feb with both local & international speakers, all coming together to research & discuss 'Diverse Island Environments.'

Then there's the emotional time of the RMS St Helena's Farewell & final Voyage from St Helena on 10th February. We at the G-Unique Boutique will be taking part to mark this momentous occasion

Amidst this, I've also found a bit of time for unleashing my creativity by completing the January picture in the 2018 Charmed on St Helena Calendar.

Adult colouring has come to St Helena and has proven to be a great way for adults to reduce stress, be a bit more mindful & just take a bit of time out for oneself.

You can find yourself an instant digital download of this 2018 Calendar which has patterns for colouring (drawn locally) based on the unique charms of St Helena, with everything from the St Helena ebony flower, to the seasonal whale sharks, to the endemic wirebird. A very unique St Helena souvenir which adds a colourful St Helenian touch to any room, wherever you are in the world.

G-Unique Designs - Your piece of St Helena.

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