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Behind the kiln scenes at G-Unique

Well these past 3 weeks have meant that my kilns at the Studio have been working in overdrive. June definitely slipped by way too quickly. Speaking of Studio, my hands have been getting real messy working on the new metal clay designs, together with cutting glass for fusing. You can see more 'behind the scenes' at my Studio in a video clip I posted recently which shows my kiln and some of the work I will be taking with me to the UK.

Before and After with hand-made

I love showing this picture of the before and after of the 'Island Fusion' pendant necklace - because it tends to shock people that this pendant started with sheets of glass and a lump of clay.

Yup, thanks to my fabulous kiln, I was able to create this pure silver and fused glass pendant from scratch. These materials are what I have been living and breathing at the moment to create new designs in a variety of sizes and colours.

And speaking of my metal clay designs - I've added a few pairs of these fine silver earrings to our online store recently. These are proving a great seller on St Helena at the moment for those who aren't entirely sure about fine silver and would like to 'test' this precious material. It's also popular with the men on island who have already bought their lady a fine silver or fused glass necklace and would like something that matches with their previous purchase.


PREVIEW OF THE 'UK COLLECTION'...coming your way soon. If you're on our mailing list then you will get an exclusive preview of the hand-crafted jewellery I am taking to the UK in August before anyone does, regardless of where you are in the world.

You can join our mailing list to preview this collection before it goes out to the public

G-Unique Designs is dedicated to telling the unique St Helena story through our jewellery designs. Join our mailing list if you'd like to receive exclusive previews, discounts and island news, including behind the scenes and life on St Helena Island.

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