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'Island Fusion'- fine silver & purple fused glass pendant necklace - St Helena Island.

It's the purple & silver necklace that features in the KUDOS music videos. The 'Island Fusion' purple statement necklace.

A fused glass violet cabochon encased in pure silver. This pendant is featured in KUDOS music videos 'Wait in line' & ‘Empty Sea’ . Empty Sea actually represents a ‘fusion’ between the North Atlantic (Ireland) & the South Atlantic (St Helena)'s filmed both here on St Helena & in Ireland.

A limited Edition off 100 ‘Island Fusion’pendant necklaces created especially for the KUDOS International merchandise line. These pendants are literally created from scratch by G-Unique.

What, only 100 available worldwide?

Yes only 100 of these ‘Island Fusion’ pendant necklaces will be sold worldwide & the hand-crafted nature by which it is made means that no one pendant will be exactly the same.

You see first I have to cut 3 layers of glass by hand (never easy to get them all exactly the same size); then I have to fuse these layers together...ok, I'll stop there but basically the whole process can take up to 5-6 days to complete. A unique Island Fusion indeed.

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