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Jewellery is my postcard or T-shirt

Do you remember I was telling you about that so-called hand-made necklace in St Lucia (You can read about it here if you didn't get a chance before)? Well I learnt my lesson, but I did not let it ruin my chance to buy a proper hand-made gift from the island. You see, instead of postcards and t-shirts, I like to buy a piece of jewellery when I travel (oh and local chocolate of course) to remind me of the place I visited.

So instead, I bought myself a bracelet made from local coconut shell as I watched the guy actually make it before my eyes. It was pretty cool - I loved it & people are always intrigued by the story behind my funky bracelet. That bracelet is made more valuable to me by the fact that I saw the person behind that product. I don't share the same feelings for the necklace in the Supermarket that probably came of a conveyor belt.

Why do you like to buy jewellery?

(in addition to buying for gifts)

Jewellery is my postcard & t-shirt. It provides me with a tangible connection to a special place I've visited like St Lucia and is especially meaningful if I've met the maker. But that's not the only reason...

Here are a 3 more reasons I choose jewellery:

<> it's the thrill of buying something beautiful that's easy to wear because hand-made jewellery is very unique,

<> it makes me feel more like an individual rather than a part of the masses

<> to commemorate a special time or place in my life

And of course, jewellery always makes a great gift for my friends and family who love to wear it. In fact, it is 'expected' by my besties that when I visit a place - I will always bring them hand-made jewellery from the place I visited - no pressure or anything...

So are your reasons for choosing jewellery the same or different to mine?


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