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Hand-made is not cliche - it's personal

We're moving from a world of Convenience to one of Appreciation

Have you noticed that the world we're living in is starting to turn on its head? I'm talking about how just a decade ago it seemed our social conscience was bubbling along quite oblivious to all the plastic pollution, palm oil exploitation and more - it was all about the convenience. Getting things fast and cheap - at whatever cost. But now, it seems we're moving from convenience to appreciation and as a result, more & more of us are turning to the small shops again - we're looking for authenticity and adding a personal touch rather than just convenience. Thank you. I have to admit, I was a little worried a few years back - it seemed that the world of 'hand-made' was becoming a bit cliche - everyone was claiming it - even those that weren't genuine. In fact, I recall being on holiday for a friends wedding in the Carribean: I bought a necklace from someone on the beach who told me they had made it themselves. A nice memento of my time in St Lucia. However, whilst shopping in their local Supermarket I saw the exact same necklace (and 20 others behind it) on the shelf tagged as 'fashion jewelry' which had obviously been massed-produced. I was so disappointed. I felt cheated.

That's why, I am happy for anyone to come and see me at The Studio in action, or why I don't mind letting you see behind the scenes. You'll get to see the real (messy!) world of hand-made. From cutting glass, to working with metal clay to creating charm jewellery about St Helena.

Right now these hands are working on a collection of kiln-fused glass and fine silver jewellery to take with me to the UK when I head over in August of this year - I am super-excited, especially since this is the first time I've spent a significant time in the UK since 2011. I will be taking this collection to the St Helena Day Sports at the end of August, which is the single biggest gathering of St Helenians and their families in the world. This has been going on for 40 years. But don't worry about missing out, you can join our mailing list to preview this collection before it goes out to the public

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G-Unique Designs is dedicated to telling the unique St Helena story through our jewellery designs. Join our mailing list if you'd like to receive exclusive previews, discounts and island news, including behind the scenes and life on St Helena Island.

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