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My 'Deep South' Atlantic Adventure

Some of you might know that this coming week will mark a very special milestone as I start the incredible journey of going to the Falkland Islands for a 2 year family adventure.

I've been met with many shocked faces as I tell them I'm heading off (I guess I've become a part of the island furniture). Many assume that I've chosen to "get away from this place" - but those who know me well can tell you that I'd be the first to say that I love my St Helena. #lovemysthelena.

It's ironic, given that I was so sure that I would only stay here for 3 years max after returning home in 2008 ...but here I am 12 years later. Head over heels in love with being a Saint & enjoying what St Helena has to offer - what a privilege.

And what a lot has happened in those 12 years since I've been back home from my University adventure; I've worked as a Counsellor in Education, established my own business (G-Unique Designs), started a family and learnt how not to be so busy. I've learnt how to just enjoy what I have here - much gratitude.

So yes, now it's time for a new adventure: down to the Falkland Islands.

You see, over the last decade, Alonzo has been the guy that's stood by me and helped me to build my business into a creative and viable passion. 10 years later, G-Unique has become a part of what St Helena has to offer. A dream I never knew I actually had: to have creative freedom, be my own boss, support my family and have time to enjoy being me. For this, I am very grateful. And now it's time for me to return the favour and stand by Alonzo as he chooses the next steps in his career. A bit soppy but there it is :)

G-Unique will continue to open on a full-time basis thanks to a fantastic team of G-Unique supporters. Anya (my sis) & Juliet (my cous) are now Directors of the business who will ensure the company continues to thrive - with your support of course. Together with the team Val, Kayla-Jayne & others I've roped in to help.

I will also continue to work for G-Unique whilst I'm down in the Deep South, but I am also open to any opportunities that might come my way. Watch this space.

So it's bye for now St Helena. But just for now. You've got me hooked :)

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