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The friendly 'bone' shark.. Whale sharks on St Helena

Jan/ Feb is a fantastic time to get out & about to appreciate our local marine life on the island, whether it's to take a trip to Lemon Valley, out on a dolphin trip or heading out to get up close & personal (very personal - 3 metres away) with our famous seasonal whale sharks. I see they are making quite a splash out there with sightings up to 30 sharks at one time this year. And they just seem to love interacting with curious swimmers & boat-viewers. I guess they're just as friendly as the locals! These sharks have been sited around St Helena for many, many years & are known locally as the bone shark.

As is normal with us here at G-Unique, we like to take inspiration from our islands nature for creating jewellery designs that help to tell our unique story. So of course; we have created whale shark jewellery and gifts...

whale shark necklace

Here's also a peek into our 'Charmed on St Helena Keepsake book' which features the whale shark amongst other special charms of St Helena like Jonathan the Tortoise, the St Helena Ebony Flower and the St Helena Wirebird together with corresponding hand-drawn patterns for colouring.

Whale shark stationery gift set


Happy Whale shark Season from St Helena Island!

G-Unique Designs, Jewellery & gifts, St Helena Island.

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