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Mother's Day on St Helena

Mother's Day on St Helena is usually celebrated on/ around the 2nd Sunday of March with many denominations holding services to celebrate the love & selflessness of Mums and mother figures.

It's one of the services I look forward to most in the year as an Anglican, as reminds me of being a little girl eagerly awaiting to go up & fetch a small posy of flowers to give to my Mum & Nan to say "Thank you for everything." I also remembered taking a posy to give to those women whose children were not on the island and often you saw the wet eyes that followed such a small but thoughtful gesture. I guess even though it is a part of our culture to up and leave St Helena to make a life for ourselves, it doesn't stop our Mum's missing us any less, especially on this day. Twenty five years later I now get to receive a posy! A fantastic feeling...makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile!

So this year Mother's Day falls on Sunday 11th March & the good news is that if you have a Mum, Nan, Mother-figure, Godmother here on the island that you would love to show your appreciation towards...even if it's just a locally-made gift card with a personalised message from yourself then you can do so via our online ordering service.

We've dedicated an entire page for people like yourself who may wish to buy gifts for those on island. You can get anything from a Hamper, to a Goody Pack to a locally-made gift card with your own personalised message. You need not worry that you've missed out on sending something from abroad to reach your Mum in time for Mother's Day, you can organise one now HERE at the touch of a button.

"It's my 'go to' for Birthdays and other special occasions, gorgeous hampers with that extra special touch, which shows people even though you're far way that you are still thinking off them"' Candice L

In the picture above you will find a newly created bracelet made from glass pearls on rose gold, it's a different but very warm look that would be perfect for her.

Happy Mother's Day, Sunday 11th March 2018

G-Unique Designs, St Helena Island.

G-Unique Boutique

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