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We're using St Helena wood in our jewellery thanks to this guy

So we've have made it our mission to showcase what St Helena has to offer in both the product sense & in the skills of our local artisan team; well now we’re aiming to take it one step further by using select local materials found on the island.

This time we’re using local wood for pendants by joining forces with another local artisan Cristen Yon, a Saint carpenter who sources and creates basic wooden shapes from wood found here on the island.

G-Unique then uses sterling silver wire + leather to work our magic & turn these wooden pieces into something you can easily wear.

Here you will see our local wood pendants made from Cedar, Ebony (not St Helena ebony!) and Oak. They’re mostly found on leather as it’s a hardy material that doesn’t require as much maintenance as sterling silver chain for example (which should be cleaned on a regular basis). We also think it creates a very casual contemporary look which has proven to appeal to both men & women.

This will be an on-going collection but Cristen is a busy man, so let's hope he will keep us well-stocked with a steady supply of these various pendants!

They are currently available on island at the G-Unique Boutique & will soon become available via our onine store, so be sure to sign-up to our list to be the first to know when you can get them

G-Unique Designs, St Helena Island.

G-Unique Boutique

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