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Happy 8th Anniversary to G-Unique Designs

It's that time of year's G-Unique's April Anniversary time. Celebrating yet another year in business since April 2010. That's 8 years for G-Unique thanks to great people like yourselves who support a local business that creates local products by a local team...thank you!

As you know, the G-Unique team is made up of creative young Designers as well as the 'young at heart' team members who ensure you get the service you need at our G-Unique Boutique.

It's a real privileged getting up in the morning & going to work with people like these who are all creative in their unique way. As you can see, we also like to work hard & play hard with many outings to enjoy island life...otherwise it's no point eh!

Thank you to my G-Unique family & here's to our 9th Year in business, CHEERS!

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