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July Means Winter For St Helena...Bring On The Lily jewellery!

It's funny how whilst we don on our scarves & boots on St Helena (it's a chilly 16 degrees celcius here - down from the normal 25 degrees), the rest of the northern world basks in the summer sun. Albeit it's not such a bad winter compared to many parts of the world...but we still feel the cold!During these winter months we still head out to the countryside where more often than not; you'll get to see the Arum lily flower in amongst the endemic ferns. This lily is also called the 'calla lily' elsewhere in the world. Nature's design of these lilies make them an incredible design to use in jewellery.


Sterling Silver Arum Lilly jewellery I guess the closet thing to wearing these beauties are our sterling silver necklaces.

Created here on island by G-Unique Designs.

And it also comes in silver...

And did you know that the Arum lily is actually the National Emblem of St Helena? True story! These necklaces are currently available online in colours yellow (represents the natural colour) & silver...all gift-wrapped in a gift box.
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