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6 months on...6 things I miss about the RMS St Helena

Six month 'Farewell' Anniversary

On 10th Feb 2018 it will have been six months since the RMS St Helena made her final voyage. Wow how that time flies! But in another way it does seem like a lifetime ago.

Yes it’s been great having flights – but we do miss the presence of the RMS, all things we loved about RMS Day & stepping onboard. Here's 6 things I miss in particular...


6 things I miss about the RMS:

  1. Hearing her horn blow off in harbour at 7am in the morning – what a great sound announcing her arrival & causing us to ask "I wonder who it bring today, what new faces us go see?" - Saint speak of course.

  2. Being at the Seaside amongst our community watching as friends & family arrive - you can always pick out those who've been away a very long time by the look of sheer delight/ tears on their family's faces - and if they 'dress-up' to come off the ship (like the tradition back in the day - 'make sure you put your good clothes on as you get off the ship - everybody go be lookin')

  3. The RMS 'Smell' as you step on-board - at the beginning of a journey, handing over my lifejacket & being greeted by the RMS 'smell' - it's hard to explain but those of you who have travelled on it will know what I mean, it's a mixture of cabin fresheners, a faint diesel smell & food coming from the gallery - a strangely comforting smell

  4. Getting to know random people from all walks of life- if you were onboard for 5 days like most of my trips were, then you'd find that as the days go by, you start to talk to 'strangers' or those that you don't actually know very well. You tend to form a RMS bond once you've travelled with them & spent 5 days in their company & being roped in to playing the famous RMS games together like deck quoits

  5. The food – thinking about those 5 courses still make my mouth water. An amazing feast awaited you on each voyage - if you're a good sailor that is. It was an expectation to put on a few pounds as you indulge in what the RMS Cuisine had to offer for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Dangerous for the waistline indeed.

  6. Being on the sundeck watching miles & miles of sea pass me by & having no choice but to switch off & appreciate the ‘here & now.’ They talk about a digital detox nowadays - well that's exactly what the RMS was - a digital detox.


Well, my last voyage on the RMS was actually in January 2016 returning home from South Africa with my newborn son after having to be medically evacuated in Nov 2015 (via the RMS). Even though my son will grow up without knowing what a RMS journey was really like - I can still show him this pic as his proof of being an RMS traveller!

On island we still get visitors asking about the RMS but more often than not we get people reminiscing of their own RMS stories & wanting to hold onto their memories.

Of course I still have a pair of RMS earrings that I wear & feel a touch of nostalgia as I do (I wouldn't be a jewellery business owner if I didn't!). But I also have that RMS notepad that I just couldn't resist buying during the RMS Farewell celebrations in February.

What's your favourite piece of the RMS that you hold onto?

Our RMS collection is also becoming a collectors item. If you haven't seen our RMS products then here's a little sneak peak...

We’ve teamed up with another local artisan 'GK Crafts' to bring you these authentic locally created products with the RMS St Helena featuring. This a commemorative collection of RMS St Helena gift sets which incorporates a selection of jewellery & stationary designed & crafted on St Helena.​

Sadly, these will not be available forever. But for now, they are still accessible here:

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