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Valentine's Day - a 'Saint' love story

...from those that you would least expect it...don't forget to check out Ivy & Gordan's story

What I've found really sweet over the last few years in this business is how those people you least expect would show up at the G-Unique Boutique to buy a small token of something 'love-sy' on Valentine's Day. And no I will not mention any names...our lips are sealed...

I know Valentine's Day is often painted as the ultimate commercialised event, but I'd like to challenge that as it still doesn't beat seeing the men & women who walk through our door looking for something as a gesture of love & affection.

Love & Affection goes a long way

I guess V-Day provides the perfect avenue for getting affections out there when (a) you might be the shy type; (b) gestures of affection may otherwise be taken for granted after being together for such a long time or (c) the effort to make an effort is simply over-looked during our busy lifestyles. 14th February comes around every year ~ So why not bring it back on track on Valentine's Day? V-Day is the perfect opportunity.

A 'Saint' love story

Speaking of love and affection, last week I fell in love with the 3-minute video clip of the Saint Helenian couple Ivy & Gordan's story who have been married for 52 years. The clip done by Green Renaissance is entitled 'Couples Therapy' and it has definitely pulled on my heart-strings as Ivy & Gordan attempt to answer the question 'what is the secret is to a long and happy marriage.' I would love for you to watch it, if you're curious, here it is:

As Gordan says - Ivy will at the very least get a card :-)

So Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about grand gestures - it's definitely the thought that counts. What's your plans for this Valentine's Day?

If this year you're looking for something out-of-the-ordinary to give to your loved one or potential Valentine and you're living outside of St Helena, then why not give a conversational piece:aka jewellery created on one of the most remote places in the world~ St Helena Island ~ now that's a conversation starter if you've ever needed one. Where is St Helena Island exactly?

Browse our online store to find something a little out of the ordinary:

But if you're here on the know where to find us at the G-Unique Boutique...

G-Unique Designs ~ Designed & Crafted on St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

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