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Beach glass on St Helena: up-cycled treasures

I love St Helena - it's no secret. But what I particularly love is the community spirit we have here on the island.

Just last week my friends at the National Trust rocked up (excuse the pun) with a bunch of sea glass collected on Sole Beach & asked 'could you make something from these?'

Beach glass , sea glass

Well of course my inner Creator was like "oh h*ll yes!" we're up for that challenge.


And voila! Thanks to Kayla-Jayne (our jewellery designer) here's the experiment that everyone is loving at the moment....

Sea glass necklace - St Helena Island

Sea glass necklace - St Helena Island

We're getting requests both on & off island. So watch this space for the new up-coming collection.

Give us a little time whilst we wait for more St Helena sea glass to come our way via our St Helena National Trust friends. I'm thinking a donation from every purchase should go their way for their efforts, which I'm sure they will appreciate.

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