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Why we don't post direct from St Helena to you (yet)

I often get asked 'why don't you post direct from St Helena?'

So i take a deep breath & try to explain the 'uniqueness' of my situation. To cut a long story short, we have one weekly flight out from St Helena to South Africa & it is not licensed to carry packages (yet). And then there's a monthly flight to Ascension Island (our sister island) 700 miles away. So basically we have two options:

  1. Option 1 - rely on the one cargo ship that visits St Helena that carries the mail to Ascension Island (2 days away by Ship) every three months which then catches a monthly flight out to the UK (sometimes it can sit on Ascension for 4 weeks if it misses the flight).

  2. Option 2 - post airmail to Ascension on the 2nd Sat of each month which also catches the monthly flight out to the UK (best for light packages as it's quite pricey)

So yes - we're a tad bit limited with our posting options due to our isolation in the middle of the South Atlantic. And whilst it would be lovely to say to our customers that we'll post from St Helena & it'll take about 1-2 weeks - in most cases you'll be lucky to get it within 6-10 weeks, yikes! Hence, why we at G-Unique have a small distributor of our products based in the UK which can be posted internationally & hopefully arrive much sooner.

The latest goodies we have just posted out to our UK Distributor are a few Napoleon gifts, Whale shark jewellery and even St Helena Cufflinks which we hope will be available in our online shop from November - if there are no delays.


On another note, there's a nice positive vibe here at this time of the year as we're heading into Spring/ Summer - our spirits are lifted as we start to look forward to our Bi-annual Carnival in October, Festival of Running in November & Christmas parades in December.

St Helena definitely comes alive as we head into our peak season with the sun, sea & lots of saints living overseas returning home to participate in the festivities. So be sure to watch this space for more island life & the G-Unique goodies that come from St Helena - if you're not on our mailing list then here's your chance:

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