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The G-Unique website is getting ready for the festive season

We've just organised our website to make it easier for you to navigate around - we hope you will enjoy it. There's also more for you to choose from in addition to our locally-made jewellery, as we team up with another local business GK Crafts who creates stationery and other local gifts to provide you with a greater choice for the up-coming festive season.

If you head on over to our Online Shop you will find:

All products (with the exception of those offered in the 'buy gifts for those on St Helena' section) are happily waiting in the UK to be posted out to you - so no need for a long wait from St Helena.

Speaking of St Helena - we've added more options for giving a gift to those here on island if you're based abroad. We can customise a gift for you, create a hamper, give a gift voucher, give an ECO Saint Bottle light, personalise a gift card and more. And it's easy to pay online for these services. Get in touch if you need us.

For the full range, check it out <<HERE>>

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