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The story behind the 'Island Fusion' pendant necklace

This is no ordinary necklace - it's the story of how the North Atlantic meets the South Atlantic & what happens when artists collaborate with a passion for creating something truly unique.

Hear more about this unique story here as Kudos (the duo singer-songwriters who this necklace was made for) talks about it on their latest vlog and see it first-hand as they wear theirs during their vlog:

Island Fusion pendant necklace

It's hard to describe the colour of this pendant as the kiln-fused glass changes colour from a deep violet to an almost Indigo blue depending on the lighting. One satisfied customer fed back that it tends to 'sparkle when it hits the light.'

Island Fusion pendant necklace

Watch the necklace on Kudos as they talk about this unique creation which features in their song 'Empty Sea' - you will also get to see a peek of the launch night which took place at 'Plantation House' (the St Helena Governors residence) - I even did a small speech, ahem! This was followed by a fantastic live performance by KUDOS - a magical night.

So yes, this is no ordinary pendant - the story behind it is one for many generations to tell.


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