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Get inspired by St Helena 2019

St Helena has become a bucket-list destination. Which is not surprising considering that the 'Secret of the South Atlantic' has just recently opened its small doors to air travellers in October 2017.

As more & more people become aware that: (a) yes, a small island does exist in the South Atlantic, (b) it is now accessible via an airport as opposed to sea travel only and (c) it has one of the most diverse flora & fauna in only 47 square miles with a population of just 4,000...of course it's going to be on your bucket-list of places to visit!

Speaking of our diverse & unique flora & fauna - our 2019 Calendar aims to keep you inspired throughout the year with many natural charms that can be found on St Helena & in some case - they can only be found on our island.

It's an instant download ready to print as many times as you'd like for the price of a cup of coffee - not bad for something that will last for 12 months, not to be mention be useful (I have my 'intended' new year resolutions already pencilled attending my first French lesson, ahem!)

For those of you who have just returned from visiting St Helena then I'm sure you will agree that it is quite easy to become enchanted by the unique charms of St Helena. I'm positive this calendar will provide a lasting reminder of your time here on the island.

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